Getting Started with The Things Industries Support

The Things Industries Support allows you to get help with our products and services. Our Support engineers can provide guidance to help you get things right the first time, so you don't have to spend time debugging issues unnecessarily. We offer Standard, Priority, and Custom support plans. More information is available here.

Professional support is not applicable for the Public Community Network i.e. The Things Stack Community Edition. Please refer to The Things Network Forum and Slack channels to ask and answer questions, and share knowledge.

The following document helps you get started and use everything the Portal has to offer.

Get familiar with the TTI Support portal:

We recommend that you use our support portal for more effective communication. Using the portal, you can file a separate ticket for each issue or support request, and you can track and manage all your tickets with the portal.

  1. Sign up for the support portal here. If you already have an account, log in to the support portal here.

  2. Click on TTI Support service project and it allows you to file various Request Types (see below).

  3. You can also view all of the requests raised by you (or your colleagues) by clicking on the Requests button on the top right corner of the support portal.

  4. Select a ticket and continue the further correspondence.

Request Types:

  1. BUG: A service or feature of The Things Stack does not behave as it should or is missing.

  2. Network Feature: A new feature you want or wish to see on TTI services

  3. Support: Technical queries and troubleshooting assistance.

  4. Incidents:

    1. Gateways offline: Several or all your gateways are offline

    2. Network Incident: Network is not reachable or messages or not being routed

You can submit a ticket by selecting an appropriate Request Type based on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Following is a list of frequently asked questions about The Things Industries Support Portal, along with their answers.

1. How do I subscribe for a support contract with The Things Industries Services?

Visit our support page for more details on support plans and subscriptions. Ref:


Contact our support team by filing a ticket via the support portal.

2. How can I share a support ticket with a colleague?

The support portal allows you to share tickets with colleagues within your organization. First, you will need to send your colleague's email address to the support team so that it can be added to your organization. Once that is done, next steps are as below:

  • Login and navigate to the Ticket you want to share.

  • Scroll down to Share with section and click + Share

  • Now, enter your colleague's mail ID and click Add button to complete.

3. How can I update my contact information? 

You can edit your contact details by clicking on the person icon in the top right corner and selecting Profile.

4. How do I find out which tickets I have opened or closed?

To display all of your tickets, click Requests ---> All Section in the upper right corner. The ticket option will only appear once you're logged in. Filters let you find the information you need.