Gateways are offline

We are working on a solution to fix this bug on our current stack that should be deployed in the coming weeks.

For a gateway to appear offline on the TTI console, there might be several reasons:

  1. Network errors, such as unstable WiFi, SIM card running out of data, firewall changes.

  2. Wrong configuration

  3. TTI metrics service went off

In this article, we are going to explain the reason number 3.

Gateway metric services go off

When referring to the Gateway metric services, we are making reference to a customer-facing service in charges of providing users with insight on their gateways. Our server monitoring still has updated data.

TTI gateway traffic monitoring and metrics are not officially released and suffer from several bugs and the most famous one is “Randomly losing connection to the routing services” . This bug can impact any gateways but in most cases will impact all of your gateways.

Failure on this service does not impact the message routing. Your device uplinks and downlinks will still go through.

This causes a problem where the gateway appears to be offline on the console and the gateway traffic is never shown. However please note that the routing services may be working normally. In the next step, we will check how to detect this.

It impacts all gateways regardless of packet-forwarder and brand.

How to detect it

Since this service only affects the status on the console ('display'), it can easily be misinterpreted with a routing or gateway incident.

To make sure your hardware deployment is safe and working, go to a device traffic page that you know is in range of a gateway(s). Once you see an uplink appear in the traffic page, you can expand on it and look at the gateway metadata. If your gateway(s) show(s) up, then that is the bug. Otherwise, if you don't see it, then your gateway has a problem. If no uplinks are shown at all, then there might be another problem (see the start of the article).


In case you identified this bug you can contact the support team so they can restore the metric service. The operation only takes a few minutes.

Customer on with a support plan can contact the support directly but make sure to include all the necessary information (EUIs, timeline, etc…).