Query Storage integration


On private network provided by on TTI SaaS using the data integration can be confusing to use since there is no way to access a swagger UI as for the public documentation. It is impossible to use the URL bar of your browser, you will end up with either a "404 - Not found" or a "non authorized" message.


Makes sure the data integration is enabled for your application.

Don't try to go on "http://data.<domain_id>.thethings.industries"; It simply doesn't exist.

The link provided on the integration page lead you to the right URL to query your data but doesn't carry the access key necessary to get the authorization to query the database. Simply put you need to add an HTTP header to the request so it can query as specified in the doc.

curl -X GET \
  https://data.<domain_id>.thethings.industries/<app_id>/api/v2/query \
  -H 'Authorization: key <access_key>'

Make sure the <access_key> have the message right. <access_key> can be found on the main page of your application ("Overview") at the bottom under "Access keys", they are also commonly called App Access Key.

Data integration.postman_collection.json contain the definition and helpers to use the data integration (right-click → Save as).

The following query parameter are available:

  • last=Xt, where X is a number and t a time unit (s for second, h for hour, d for day)
  • limit=X, where X is the number of uplinks you want to retrieve. Oldest one first.
  • offset=X, where X is number of uplinks to start from.